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"Just love it. And also the clean layout. Your newsletter hooks me from start to end."

- Naomi Pham from Mind Your Bite

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Interesting Reads

The best on mental models, habits, and on leading a purposeful life.

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Productivity Tools

Websites, Apps, and Tips to boost your productivity.

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Creative Resources

Life lessons from creative people, actionable tips to stay creative.

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Hello there! 👋

This is Vidya.

I am a Junior Data Scientist living in Hyderabad, India. Currently, I'm working for a startup and building AI-powered Chatbots. My other responsibilities include Research on new technological advancements in Data Science & AI.

My interest in blogging and sharing knowledge with others led me to create this Newsletter. 💌

I am passionate about motivating curious minds to get into action and deliver their incredible potential to the world. Be curious; be inspired!

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